Too Afraid To Tell

” Asked him to stop and he continued. Too scared to report as I thought I would be  reprimanded after.”

“Disney said they had a 0 tolerance approach… unless the guy is Bahamian, and they can’t fire Bahamians as it breaks their ratio laws.”

”  The only reason the company didn’t offer support was because I didn’t tell them.   My manager managed to convince me that the company wouldn’t care and would take his side so I never reported him.”

“I had a supervisor who used to hit on me but I didn’t care for him. He reported me for taking something of no value from the garbage. Said I was stealing and I got fired.”

” In all cases, I stood up to my harassers and they backed off, but only after the damage was done. I did not report because I handled it and the management usually only cares if the harassment persists.”

”  i am a  Male staff. Male supervisor from another department took advantage of me after getting back from a late night at the crew bar. Never talked about it, he still thinks today that I have no idea what happened. My memory is clear, but at the time I was not able to hinder what happened.”

” I never reported it because I felt like I would have been laughed off the ship by my male colleagues because you never hear of it this way. They’d say yeah right you liked it and all the other associations with toxic masculinity. But I felt trapped, I thought if I fought back and bruised or harmed her, I’m automatically the one going to jail when she turns this on me. Felt I’d never be believed, so I just buried it.”

”  I was in a small HR focus group about the topic and when I mentioned how absolutely rampant the unwanted sexual attention from men is, most of the men in the room rolled their eyes at me and acted as if I was making it up. The women all nodded and agreed that I was telling the truth though.”

“The   management offered to send me home to “recover” (that’s before I insisted I wanted the two members who assaulted me to get fired) – they were out to   silence me and let white men get away from what they did to me.”

” An   officer and a doctor also tried to abuse their power to sleep with me.”

” I have been sexually harassed by guests more than crew. When brought up to management I was told I should leave my shift if it happens again. In actuality, it is not really possible to just leave my shift with no one to cover. It seemed they cared more that the guest is always right more than how  the crew were being treated”

”     I think that more attention was paid to my situation as I was a very outspoken   American female. People knew that I would cause a scene if I wasn’t satisfied with how things were handled. Looking back, I’m not satisfied with how it was handled and I’m upset for not reporting more incidents of harassment. But that’s ship life: shut up. Grin and bear it. You’re a bother, not an asset.”

“A supervisor from the other company that he was working for invited me to his cabin after the day in Reykjavik Iceland. He kissed me on the neck and started moaning….after that I pushed him away and left the cabin. I spoke to the person who was above him by rank…I didn’t want to elevate it to the HR level because that person was helping me get the job in his company…nothing was done after reporting this incident.”

” I was sent to troubleshoot an issue in a guest cabin. A female guest answered the door in lingerie. I said I couldn’t come in without another crew member present, for both hers and my safety, as per policy. She said it’s ok,  my husband is here. When I leaned in to look, the husband was tied to the bed. He invited me to join him and his wife in bed. I politely declined and offered to come back later. My supervisor and other management did nothing when I reported it.”

” I was stealthed. I consented to sex with a condom and he took it off during sex. I   had to get the morning after pill and pay for it alongside a lecture from the nurse. I was embarrassed and didn’t say anything.”

” The sexual harassment that I experienced on Celebrity was by a man I had a short intimate relationship with. He would rub himself against me in guest spaces. I did not report it as I felt our previous relationship would affect how serious the complaint would be taken. The harassment on Seabourn started on my second day after my contract started. I was phoned and followed for about 2 days. He eventually knocked on my door and tried to force his way in and blocked me from closing the door with his foot. He saw I was petrified and it didn’t faze him. I eventually pushed past him and fled to the closest place with lots of people. I confided in a co-worker but did not report it.  ”

” Didn’t bother reporting as nothing would get done about it.”

” The man in question used to make very provocative sexual remarks and gestures especially in his office where there are 4 cameras. After an HR investigation, nothing was done and it was suggested to shoreside HR that we not be assigned to the same ship or contracts. So much for crew care.”

“It was my first week onboard. I didn’t really know what to do and I didn’t want to   draw attention to myself in a brand new job.”

” The   reason I didn’t report it is that there is a culture of sexual harassment  and even though I didn’t appreciate the harassment I never felt like I was in   danger and I knew the person was supporting their whole family from the wages  they earned.”

” I reported him and he got fired but I got sent home also. The manager and team bullied me, gave me a final notice. Members of the team said I “was one of those girls who lie about rape” even though I reported him for stalking and had evidence on my phone.”

” Onboard Italian vessels, reporting such cases can cause even more harm to the woman since she isn’t believed, is ridiculed, causes even more harassment, and can almost certainly lose her job. Most don’t report because of fear.”

“I told and they made me sign a paper saying that I am leaving the job.”

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