Life at sea comes with major lifestyle changes, and questions often arise that can seem difficult to navigate through. At Sea Me, our staff will assist to provide you with information available and/or advice towards your queries. Should a situation call for external support, such as legal support, medical support, or counseling, Sea Me has partnered with a number of lawyers and industry professionals to refer you to. However, we will not reveal a crew members identity unless the crew member has specifically authorized this (exceptions to this apply if a crew member gives reason to believe that they could harm themselves or another person).

We do not work for the cruise lines, or unions, but we do support the industry and value the connections that we have within it. Crew members health and wellbeing is our primary focus.

Sea Me Crew Foundation has partnered with Better Help, an online and virtual counseling platform that is available to our members. Reach out to us at should you wish to inquire about support services.