“Power” Should Not be Predatory

” I was harassed. It was the staff captain. So obviously I didn’t really feel like I could tell anyone without the risk of being punished/ bullied by officers.”

“I was sexually harassed by the cruise director. It was my first contract and I wanted to moved departments (partially due to the sexual harassment and general harassment I was dealing with in dining). I expected to attend a   meeting but I ended up in his cabin unknowing till I was inside. I didn’t know what to do, I felt stupid and not my usual strong self. He was friendly and didn’t force himself on me but it should never have happened and was the beginning of the end of my cruising.  I was later sexually harassed by my server as an assistant server.”

” The assailant was a high-ranking official and I was just a rank file. He’s married and so I thought his gestures were merely a friendly one. He started touching me, constantly asking me for hugs. Once he even squeezed my bum. I   let it go. But one day, I had enough. I snapped when he took me to get supplies in a remote storage locker and tried to kiss me (this was not the first time). This time it went overboard because aside from the usual attempt to kiss, he went behind me, grabbed my waist, and made me feel his bump. I went to report him to our head. The investigation went on, I was deeply miserable. I felt like I did something wrong by reporting it. Verdict day came, he wasn’t fired. Their reason was that I did not say “No”).

“Explicit  sexual comments and advances from several men including crew members from  different hierarchy, officers and older male passengers.”

” I had to escape drunk crew members more than once and was cornered by the captain at one time. When new spa workers come aboard just about every ship, we were looked at and talked about as fresh meat.'”

“Assailant was my direct senior – a doctor in the Medical Clinic. Another doctor on my first contract sexually harassed me, but when I confronted him he backed down. This incident was reported to my Lead nurse who was supportive and the other doctor, who seemed to find it very amusing.”

“I was harassed and assaulted, reported it. Nothing was done, I was accused of being racist. They had video coverage of it from security. The man was late 30’s, I was 21. A couple of days later, he pushed me into my cabin and raped me. I reported it, they transferred me ships without notice.  He was promoted to supervisor.”

“A 74-year-old passenger asked for a picture with me and that’s alright, right? I kept a little distance between us, not to be too close, but he grabbed my   waist and kissed me on my cheeks then I rushed towards the door outside, but he grabbed my neck and tried to kiss me on my lips and to pull me inside.  It was my first contract, I   thought, I’ll be safe on board, I went to the staff captain for a report, but they could not understand English very well, and while i was crying explaining myself verbally and in a written report,  the staff captain was smoking in the office,  like he doesn’t care for the safety of the ship and our health, or me.  There is no HR onboard. We are also harassed by our boss verbally.”

” A former supervisor keeps adding my Facebook even though I deleted and refuse his friendship over and over. I had a manager who, at first, offered me benefits like free coffee in off hidden in the office, but when I didn’t care for him he started giving me hard time.”

” The staff captain didn’t care at all. Said that it was common on cruise ships.   Nor did they offer genuine support. ”

“I was aware of people that were harassed, the assailant would share these stories as “anecdotes” and would manifest that when he got reported security and senior management protected him.

“One was a hotel director… just inappropriate talking and touching my hair (in front of other crew/officers). No one had the guts to say anything – including me. the other was a captain. I reported him, the hr manager agreed he was wrong, but that he was just “old school” and   “that’s how it’s been his whole career”. we went into a dry dock and they tried to transfer me off the ship to “solve” the problem.”

One of the men during my contract paid girls all kinds of money for sexual favors that he would log into a book and if you said no he would   try his best to force you into situations where you are alone to force you to kiss him or more (his line was always – let me be your sugar daddy)”

“My assailant was a Safety Officer onboard Costa.”

”  I feel like I’m constantly deflecting unwanted and unprofessional advances from men who are in positions of power over me and my job.”

” I reported this incident, I was treated like I lead the officer to believe I   “wanted it”. The staff captain berated me for over an hour during the questioning. They watched the video footage after they treated me like shit in the questioning and then the officer was transferred to another ship.  I did NOT show any interest in the person that assaulted me. I did NOT lead him to believe anything. I never spoke to him before the assault happened.  When it happened I tried to get away. It’s very clear in the video that I didn’t want him to touch me.”

” I’ve been grabbed more times than I can possibly keep track of. Mostly, my butt, but every part of me at some point. Many crew members, but there was a Captain, a Cruise Director, and many others of various rank. All men.”

” An officer and a doctor also tried to abuse their power to sleep with me.”

” My assailant was a captain who was well known for this and other complaints had been made against him.”

” An officer, that I trusted, attempting to rape me but I woke up before he managed to penetrate.”

” No Hr officer on board. Had to go to the staff captain. Because the guy who was harassing me was an officer, all that staff captain said was ‘just don’t say hello to   each other.’”

” He was a manager of youth activities who would make comments and be a  “touchy-feely guy” or a “hugger” and made more than one of us uncomfortable and no one talked about it until we all found out. It was a big struggle and we all quit and told HR but nothing happened, and other   managers protected him and got promotions.”

“I was verbally harassed by the hotel manager daily. It was mostly an issue when he locked himself in my cabin (gained access during a hallway party and he locked himself inside alone) and the Chief Security Officer refused to do anything because he was the Hotel Manager and they were buddies.”

“HR sexually harassed me on one ship and on another a crew member attempted to rape me and was only stopped when someone stopped them.”

” As a  young female joining ships for the first time, I wasn’t sure how life would be onboard. I wasn’t ever sexually assaulted or harassed but I did feel very uncomfortable by all the comments of being fresh meat. All the flirtatious comments by every male I passed by on the i95 were always so uncomfortable. My first cruise, both men in HR were hitting on me and I was used to life on land where I’m supposed to go to HR to report such issues… But what am I to do when it’s HR that is making me feel uncomfortable by the overly flirtatious comments and touching.”

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