It Happens To Men Too

“I not only had multiple instances of harassment/issues but also helped female friends while they were being targeted.”

“Gay men hit on guys, and I’m a guy, so I got hit on a few times. It was definitely harassment.”

“As a gay man and a crew member, I was harassed a lot”

“Approached for “fun” by a female. Inappropriately touched by a male, propositioned by a male, butt slapped by a female, approached by a husband for a threesome with him and his wife.”

“A friend of mine who I know from before (we used to work for the same company). He was intoxicated in Juneau Alaska, and what he did was he grabbed my ass and kissed me on the neck on the corridor of the cabins.I pushed him away and walked away from the situation very shocked. Since we   are friends from before I did not want to elevate it to the HR level so I   told to his supervisor. Another time a supervisor from the other company that he was working for invited me to his cabin after the day in Reykjavik Iceland. He kissed me on the neck and started moaning….after that I pushed him away and left the cabin..I   spoke to the person who was above him by rank…I didn’t want to elevate it to the HR level because that person was helping me get the job in his company. Nothing was done after reporting this incident. That person was also intoxicated, and regardless that he knew that I had a girlfriend and that I am not gay. Both of the experiences were awful for me.”

“This girl never took no for an answer, all the time knocking at my door drunk as hell and making big scenes if I told her to leave.”

” I never reported it because I felt like I would have been laughed off the ship by my male colleagues because you never hear of it this way. They’d say yeah right you liked it and all the other associations with toxic masculinity. But I felt trapped, I thought if I fought back and bruised or harmed her   I’m automatically the one going to jail when she turns this on me.  Felt I’d never be believed, so I just buried it.”

“Female Cruise Director was very sexually aggressive and trying to get me to go to her cabin. She groped my crotch on more than one occasion, even after I made it clear I wasn’t interested. Even though she was physically attractive, I wasn’t attracted to her personality/no chemistry. I never reported it or told anyone because I would have just been given a hard time for not sleeping with her.”

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