Sea Me    Crew Foundation

A not-for-profit, support, training, and advocacy platform for cruise ship employees. Raising awareness and offering crew a place to campaign for their wellness and rights, and connections to mental health support.

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Our Mission

To provide the visibility that crew members need for their well-being onboard, while offering confidentiality and fostering a culture of support, awareness, diversity and inclusivity while abroad.

By offering a not-for-profit space to connect with peers and support resources, training programs and advocacy campaigns, Sea Me aims to bridge cultural gaps and highlight systemic issues of life at sea. We are not paid by, nor affiliated with the cruise companies.

Our Services

  • First Contract Orientation
  • Peer to Peer Mentorship
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Mediation/Connection to Industry Resources
  • Counseling and Coaching Services
  • Online/Confidential Crew Support

Our Team

Founded by former crew members, our team and board of directors have
lived experience and have earned the trust of thousands of crew members
worldwide. With a passion for the industry and compassion for the
crew members, our team and our partners are comprised of
well-established leaders in the hospitality, cruise, psychology, and coaching sectors.

Our Donors

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